1) Bookplate Collecting in America – A Talk Presented At The Book Club of California By William E. Butler (September 12th, 2022)

2) Ex Libris: Bookplates from the Libraries of the Rich and Famous

A private tour of James Goode’s bookplate collection. James M. Goode (1939-2019)

3)  Creating a Bookplate With Old-Fashioned Printmaking

Artist, Ammon Anderson creates a bookplate for Some Dark Holler. Bookplates are available at www.lukebauserman.com/bookplate. Luke Bauserman, Narrator

4)  Ex Libris: A History & My Collection

A short history of Ex Libris, and my own collection! Amanda at Hey Hey Books

5)  Creating an Ex Libris Design

A bookplate is a small print that has been pasted inside the cover of a book to denote ownership. It is usually associated with the term, Ex Libris, which means ‘From the Library of….”

The first bookplates featured coats of arms of the aristocracy — the only people wealthy enough to have a library. By the 19th century, books were more common and bookplates became artistic statements. Talented illustrators — such as Albrecht Durer, Edward Burne-Jones, Aubrey Beardsley, Charles Voysey, Frank Brangwyn, Walter Crane and Eric Gill — designed bookplates. Bookplates often reflected the owner’s interests and many artistic styles can be seen from the Arts and Crafts to the modernist movement. Etchings, woodcuts, pen and ink drawings, linocuts and lithographs have all been used. By Uygulamalı Sanat Dersleri Oynatma Listesi.

6) Creating New Logbook Bookplate

Historian Caroline Stanford follows the journey from design to print of our Landmark bookplates. With artist and illustrtaor Ed Kluz and printer Richard Lawrence