Randjelovic, Ivan – Serbia

Ivan Randjelovic – Serbia
“Beginning” – X3, Linocut, 11,9 x 8,5 cm 

Ivan Randjelovic, Veselina Maslese 14 16000, Leskovac, Serbia

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Salamon, Arpad – Slovenia

Arpad Salamon (b. 1930), Slovenia
Art teacher, graphic artist, and painter born into a Hungarian family in the Year 1930. There he attended teachers college and began teaching in the1950s. He later graduated from Alegt Ljubljana under professors Drago Vidmar and Zoran Didek. He studied oil painting with Master Artist, Go Jrnir Anton Kos.  Boildar Jakac gave him valuable Iessons in copperplate engraving and in the graphic arts.  During the 1950s he was one of the first teachers of contemporary art in Prekmurje. His works have been shown many exhibitions in Slovenia as well as abroad. The graphic arts is his favourite, although works in other media. He is a member of both the Konjice and Velenje Artist Groups.  Through these groups he conducts graphic artist workshops too.Today he lives and works in Slovenske Konjice.

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Moya Lopez, Ramon – Spain

Ramon Moya Lopez (b. 1946) 

I started drawing and painting as a child – at that time, I knew that art would be my life’s vocation.  In my early teens, I regularly visited the studio of the artist Rafael Zabaleta, who instructed me and critiqued my drawings every couple of weeks.  Once he passed on, my artistic life took a different turn.  Due to my family’s needs, my life developed through other activities.  However, during my rare moments of spare time, I continued to pursue my love of the arts.
My artistic abilities were learned over the years, through books, museums, art galleries and lately, with the gift of the Internet. This has provided a basis to progressive learning and facing the challenge of experimentation with full courage and expressive freedom.  This makes my personal artistic style committed and respectful.  I am totally self-taught, “without academic studies” in technical or theoretical knowledge.  This has not been an obstacle for me to face with decision, courage and, of course, with enormous effort, the challenge of research and use of other elements in my work, apart from those already known and commonly used in the art of painting such as; oils, acrylics, and watercolors.
Lately, I have developed interests in the technique of engraving and printmaking to my artistic skills.  I have taken classes from the Master Artist of Granada; Emilio de Luis Fernandez Garrido, in his engraving workshop “LA GRANJA ” C.

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Arikan, Nurgül – Turkey – Finalist

Nurgül Arıkan

Artist (Ex Libris, Graphic Arts, photography), Graphic Designer. Lecturer, Art Consultant, Author

Ms. Nurgül Arikan worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts in a private university in Istanbul.  She presents lectures about Graphic Arts and Graphic Design, Fashion, and Textile Design Departments.  In addition, she is a design consultant on corporate advertising campaigns.  Ms. Arikan serves on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers (est. 1922) and she is a member of the Istanbul Ex-Libris Society and Deutsche Exlibris-Gesellschaft.

Ms. Arikan graduated from the Graphic Arts Division of the Faculty of Arts at Cukurova University.  She completed her Masters Degree in “Graphics of Advertising” at the Graphic Arts Division of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University.  Her thesis was developed on “Internationally Successful and Award-Winning Advertising Campaigns.”  In 2003 she obtained her second advanced Degree from the Division of Public Relations of the Faculty of Communications at Anadolu University.  In 2015 she was awarded a Degree in Radio and Television programming at Anadolu University.

In recent years, she has been focusing on the Art of Ex Libris.  With its almost six hundred years of history, this Graphic Art form is shown as a printed label that marks the pride in the ownership of books. Essentially this is a symbol or logo to reflect the book owners’ tastes and interests, which is either designed for an institution or an individual.  It is a unique combination of Art and Typography.  Nurgul Arikan has won several international awards with her works being displayed in various countries, libraries and museums.  Many personal exhibitions have been held to show her art, and her characteristic Ex Libris designs often appear in newspapers, magazines, and books around the world.  She has studied a wide range of Ex Libris collections held by some well-known museums and libraries of many countries, and published her findings in international journals.  Nurgul uses various materials in her works, such as oil, acrylic, water colour, aquarelle pencil, pastel, e-colin paints, ink, collage, linoleum block printing, photography, and typography, as well as computer generated design.  She lives in Istanbul and works in her studio at Göktürk for custom-made Graphic Art, Bookplate Design, and Professional Photographs.  She also teaches Graphic Design, Creative Art, and Typography to private students.
1) 11×8.4 cm
Name:Hats, virtuesThis design represents G. Steiner’s different talents and different titles.
2)  10×8.5 cm

Exl name: Chairs, equipped

There are many people around the world doing the same job (writer, critic, teacher etc). I think George Steiner made a difference in the world.

Gökyüzü Residence Neptün. 4, Cumhuriyet Cad. Gül Sok.  Göktürk 34077 Eyüp-İstanbul, TURKEY

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Erdogan, Nurten – Turkey

Nurten Erdogan 
“Tragedy”  C3, 76 x 97 mm
Nurten Erdogan, Postane Mah. Celik Sok, Denizeuleri: Sitesi – No. 3/5, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey  36940

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