Barreto, Alejandro – Mexico

Alejandro Barreto (b. 1980)

Greetings from Mexico! 
I was born in 1980, and I am proud of my generation. I have dedicated a good part of my plastic work to everyday life, which I consider the source of all artistic inspiration. My work, basically graphics, has long sought the integration of the moment that I once defined in my life as “the enchantment of everyday life” —a waking state in which the works take on a fantastic meaning while remaining everyday, immortalized by graphic techniques – and reminiscences of the past, with esoteric aspirations. Nostalgic in nature, I will always look for the answers in past experiences and their record in the form of graphic epiphanies to give meaning to the future.

In the maturity of my work I will always show that my main theme is common life and its alteration through the image. Zoomorphism, for example, is a tool that has helped me to talk about people through transformation. Russia and its literary and popular culture are part of my new —and old— constructions, with a past worth telling, full of a hieratic aesthetic and the beauty of the “naïf”, in traditional forms: lubok, palekh, xoxloma, gorodets and other styles of empirical sensibility. However, the theme that will always abound in my work will be that of popular culture, of which I am made up from my visual genetics. My work is divided, in general terms, into two types: the traditional one and which I call “digital collage ”. As a good Piscean that I am, a devotee of perfectionism and at the same time contradictory of myself, I have the opportunity to harmonize, with these two aspects, the two fish that swim in opposite directions. The engraving work, first of all, always refers to to the drawing images of the traditional techniques, gravure, relief and planography; mutant characters of the routine and the emptiness of the citizen of the world; to fantastic treatments, stylizations, Byzantines and penumbras, achurados, resins and traditional finishes in general.

I see the traditional graphic technique as a pious mother armed with patience to face the world, sensitive, generous with our abilities.On the other hand, digital work delimits a feeling of harshness of reality: the pornographic image, the photo and the portrait as unattainable desires, forced collages, contrasting resolutions and crude clippings that pose misrepresentations of works by other artists and the network itself, in order to break their articulated and perfect discourses and express my dissatisfaction by trampling on the garden of others. For me, the language of graphic collage is diverse, capricious and quickly changes its sentiment.

These works and I have had a stormy relationship since I did the first one. In general, the measure between the traditional and the digital is what produces a thematic stability in my work and allows me to maintain a double personality in the work in general.

Héctor Alejandro Barreto Palma, (Cuautla, México, March 10, 1980), He has a PHD in Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Design of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In CDMX. He has been dedicated to the profesional printmaking and visual arts since 1997. He has participated in more than 70 exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, in countries such as; Cuba, Canada,Russia, Greece, Spain, Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, among others. There Have been seven solo exhibitions in Mexico City, Michoacán, Morelos, Czech Republic, Brazil, Bulgaria and Moscow, Russia.. 

His work has been selected in various national and international graphic competitions all around the world and has been published in 22 catalogs of arts. Among his recognitions stand out at the International Biennial of Kazan, Graphcom Kazansky, in Russia, and the 1st Biennial of Los Volcanes in the city of Cuernavaca, both in 2015. 
Barreto was benefited from the Center for Postgraduate Studies (CEP) in 2013 for his PHD project with three artistic stays: in 2014, in the Pororoca Gallery 31, in Juazeiro, Brazil; in 2015, at the Experimental Graphic Workshop in Havana, He also participated as guest artist in the 12th Havana Biennial 2015 and in the Russian Academy of Folk Arts in Moscow. He is founder and coordinator of the Workshop Integration and Graphic Experimentation La Tómbola, in the Museo del Estampa in Toluca city. 
For four years he has specialized in the study of the old Russian lubok, which has led to its most important series,, a graphic project and documentary film, In 2015, Barreto presented this project before the jury of the Academy of Traditional Art of Russia and obtained the recognition as Ambassador of Lubok in Mexico. In 2016, this same Institution gave a distinction for artistic excellence as an academic member of the Association’s Artists of Folk Art of Russia for the documentary on popular graphics Mexico Russia of the same name, made for the FAD / UNAM. 

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Ramos Colliere, Victor Manuel – Mexico – Finalist

Victor Manuel Ramos Colliere, Mexico (b. 1988)   

Victor Manuel Ramos Colliere was born in Zacatecas in 1988.  Since 2004 he has been a contributor to various print and

 electronic media on issues related to history, art and culture of the state of Zacatecas.  He has lectured and is a fellow

 in the heritage research of the Cultural Program of Stimuli to the Creation and Artistic Development of Zacatecas.

He has served as head of the historical archive, deputy chronicler of the Municipality of Guadalupe, Zacatecas.  He

 has produced and directed classical and popular music shows, visual plastic art exhibitions.  He studied in

 workshops under Emilio Carrasco Gutierrez who is a familiar name in our bookplate community. 

Segunda Privada del Ferrocarril 3-5-E, quinto piso, 98600. Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Mexico

Ramos Colliere, Victor Manuel <>

Vallejo Cordova, Andres Antonio – Mexico

Andre Antonio Vallejo Cordova, Mexico 
Linocut, X3, 2020Plutusca Gonzales #305, Barrio de la Merced, C.P. 50080, Toluca, Estado de México, México

Vallejo Cordova, Andres Antonio  <>

Carrasco Gutierrez, Emilio – Mexico – Finalist

Emilio Carrasco Gutiérrez  (1957-2020)

Emilio Carrasco Gutiérrez was born in Mexico City where he spent his youth and was educated through high school. He was a teacher, a contemporary painter, and an engraver. He was internationally recognized for his many works. 

Carrasco studied with Carlos Orozco Romero. After graduating from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas (UNAM), where he studied with Gilberto Aceves Navarro, he became a professor of drawing at the School of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, and a scholarship student at the Ministry of Culture of Spain in Segovia.

Carrasco´s art has been included in nearly 75 solo exhibitions and 150 group exhibitions throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He has received the “Arts of the State” and the “Pedro Coronel” awards in Zacatecas.

Carrasco Gutiérrez, Emilio* 

López Ubaldo, Clara – Mexico

Clara López Ubaldo  (b. Toluca, Edo., Mexico)

“Art must move something inside you, whatever it is depends on the work itself.  Its reason is the mission it has, if it does not change something inside you when interacting with it, then it is harmless and does not contribute anything to the development of the Being.  So it can be said that it is useless, making useless works is not part of my vision as an artist, since in addition to being so, I am also a scientist, so in my work I try to convey the sensations that certain subjects cause me, I try to empty everything that has an impact on me, so that others can see it and hopefully touch one within them. Being able to make evident something that was found hidden, that was always there in front of us but that we passed by, perhaps hopefully I can reveal that something hidden in front of your eyes, make you feel and make you think.”

University:  Earned a Bachelor of Chemistry (AUE). Master In Chemical Sciences (AUE).  Music Studies for Cello at

 Sacred Music Superior Diocesan School from Toluca. Self-Taught Painting Techniques Studies. It Is Part Of The “La

 Tómbola” Graphics And Experimentation Workshop at the Toluca Stamp Museum.

Group Exhibitions: • 2019 – Watercolor National Museum “Alfredo Guati Rojo”, Mexico. • 2019- Zacatecas Municipal House Of Culture, Mexico. • 2019- International Contest Of Contemporary Art Yucca 18/19, Italy. (Digital) • 2020- History And Arts Of Ibiporã Museum, Brazil. • 2020- Sesc Glória Cultural Center, Brasil. • 2020- Dom Ernesto De Paula Museum, Brasil. • 2020- Fondazione Villa Benzi Zecchini, Italy. • 2020- Stelio Crise State Library, Italy. • 2020- Associazione Nazionale Incisori Contemporanei, Italy. (Digital). • 2020- Palacio De Valdecarzana, Spain. • 2020- Naberezhnye Chelny Art Gallery, Russia (Competition Finalist) •  2020- Medieval watchtower of the Biennale in the town of Kubachi, Russia. (Selected from contest). • 2020- Gallery of the House of Poetry, Makhachkala, Russia. (Selected from contest). • 2020- Toluca Stamp Museum, Mexico. (Work of the month). • 2020- González Arratia Square in Toluca, Mexico. (Selected from contest). • 2020- SOFA Cultural Center, Santiago de Chile. • 2020- Oregano Salvaje Gallery-Workshop, Chile. • 2020- Pandemic Engraving 2020: International Exhibition of Black & White Engraving. Chile. (Digital) • 2020- Provincial Museum of Drawing and Engraving Artemio Alisio – International Museum of Miniprint. Argentina. • 2020 – Finalist in the “High Graphics 2020” contest of the Naberezhnye Chelny Art Gallery, Russia. • 2020 – Finalist in the contest “Second Biennial of Printed Graphics Kuchinskaya Bashnya” of the Creative Association DaGraph, Hypotenusa and Zerikhgeran, Russia. • 2020 – Work of the Month by Toluca Museo de la Estampa, Mexico. • 2020 – Selected in the contest “Co-life through death” of the Alfeñique Cultural Festival 2020, by the Culture Directorate of Toluca City, Mexico. CATALOGS • 2019 – Digital Catalog of the “12th Edition of the Mexican Society of Watercolor Artists Award” (2019). Coordination of the Watercolor National Museum “Alfredo Guati Rojo”, Mexico. • 2020 – Pandemic Engraving 2020: International Exhibition of Black & White Engraving. Chile. • 2020 – V International Postal Art Exhibition in Avilés. Spain. • 2020 – High Graphic 2020. High quality International Project in Contemporary Printed Graphics. Russia. 
“Babel”, X3 Linocut, 14.4 x 11.1 x 14.9 cm, 2020

Clara López Ubaldo, Calle Plutarco González #305, Barrio De La Merced, Toluca, Edo, C.P. 50080, México

López Ubaldo, Clara  <>

Valdés Villafranca, Patricia – Mexico

Patricia Valdés Villafranca (b. 1978)Artistic Name: “Ikone Ilumere”

As an illustrator I seek to represent ideas and thoughts through shapes, colors and textures, which can be found manifested in nature, it is my fascination to mix the elements of fauna and flora with my imagination.

The creation process involves various materials from cardboard, papier-mâché, cotton fabric and recently my approach to graphics, and the various engraving techniques, mainly linocut, have allowed me to approach the characters that incur in me from another angle. construction site.

In this way, I satisfy my need for constant reinvention and discovery, through creative processes, transmitting positive emotions and inspiration to those who observe my work.

 Patricia Valdés Villafranca is an illustrator born in Toluca State of Mexico on May 17, 1978.

For more than twenty years she has illustrated teaching materials and workbooks for students of reading and writing.

Currently she is part of the collective “Tóbolos” in the Museum of La Estampa de Toluca, and has participated in several engraving competitions and is awarded a Special Mention in 9th ex libris competition of the Library of Bodio Lomnago “Comics and Cartoons” in Italy 2017-2018.

She has participated in 16 group exhibitions in: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Italy; Russia and Turkey.  She has been honored with 4 solo exhibitions in the State of Mexico.

Valdés Villafranca, Patricia  <>


Tegelaers, Sjoerd – Netherlands – Finalist

Sjoerd Tegelaers, Netherlands (b. 1987)

Sjoerd Tegelaers was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands.  He earned his BFA in painting in the Netherlands and went on to postgraduate studies in printmaking in Poland.

Art is a way to communicate and can be a vehicle to reach past the boundaries of language and to communicate in a deeper and more sensitive layer of experience.  It is important for me to make artworks that are sincere and honest in portraying our times.

Sjoerd Tegelaers, Sint Jacobslaan 552, 6533 TZ, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Tegelaers, Sjoerd  <>


Shaikh, Wania — Pakistan

Wania Shaikh (b. 1997)

I am from Pakistan, a follower of George Steiner, and a printmaker.  I heard about the competition from a friend.
My prints are drypoint and mix-media combined.  My inspiration behind the idea was through my respect for Sir George Steiner. Through my life I have learned a lot from him and it was always my dream to meet him in person one day but nature took him away and that was a loss for humanity.  His good words were my inspiration.  I will feel proud to be a part of your tribute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  My wishes and best of luck with your great initiative.   Wania

I belong to Hyderabad, Sindh state in Pakistan.  Being an artist by profession has been my interest from early 

childhood.  I have a great mastery command in printmaking as well as other art forms including digital art.

My subject is always the social topic with the beauty of my technical practice. 





Completed the thesis project with an award of distinction in printmaking.

Completed my BFA with second position in the class.  My interest is in art and debate and theoretical history of arts in and out

of Pakistan.  I want to make people more aware of the arts.


Pakistan Art Council Workshop 2018

Worked With Suchet Peace Community 2019

Worked As Volunteer In IWS

Worked With UNO


Switzerland Embassy In Pakistan 2019

Seeds Of Cead In Artkaam Gallery 2020

Al Humra Art Gallery 2020

Pearls Of Peace Season 2020

Switzerland Embassy In Pakistan 2019

Seeds Of Cead In Arthkaam Gallery 2020

Al Hamra Art Gallery 2020

Pearls Of Peace Season 2020

Participated In Print Biennale Engravings – Virtual Exhibition Turkey 2020

Participated In The 24-Hours Show In Walls Space Art Gallery London 2020

Virtual Exhibition With Tall Sequoia Gallery

Online Exhibition With 0.16 Printmaker India 2020

Exhibition With Beings Collective London 2020

Exhibition With Art Influx 2020

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