Lalor, Jackie Hudson – Ireland

Jackie Hudson Lalor  (b. 1966)
Born in Dublin, Ireland, Jackie Hudson Lalor is a professional Visual Artist with three distinctive strands to her practice, painting in oils, drawing, and printmaking.
Hudson Lalor worked in Dublin as a Graphic Artist/illustrator, creating work for the flexographic print industry and later as the Art Manager for Smurfit Display in Dublin, producing artwork for screen-printed point of sale display products. She has also freelanced in illustration for clients in the publishing industry including Microsoft and UNESCO.
This linocut bookplate print for George Steiner is a digital text reproduction print.  The linocut plate in black printed on Ho-Sho Japanese paper & collaged on top of the digital text page.  Hand colored with red colored pencil.  Bookplate 80 x 170mm mounted on A4 page 
11 Leafy Haven, Wheaton Hall, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland

Lalor, Jackie Hudson   <>


Antonini, Ettore – Italy – Finalist

Ettore Antonini  (b. 1952)
Ettore Antonini was born at Venegono (Varese, Italy) in 1952. After studying Art Applied to Industry in Milan, he dedicated himself to commercial graphics and illustration. During the early 1990s, he became more familiar with engraving techniques and in 1994 he produced his first engraving.  Antonini soon became popular with art connoisseurs and various clients.  He has participated in over 70 exhibitions and competitions worldwide.
Ettore Antonini, Via De’ Conti 6, 21040 Venegono Inf. (VA) Italy

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Bossetti, Elgio Giuseppe – Italy

Elgio Giuseppe Bossetti,  Italy
Via Giulio Grassi 10,  20091 Bresso, MI, Italy

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Casalino, Luigi – Italy – Finalist

Luigi Casalino, Italy  (b. 1941)  
For many years, we presented Cliff Parfit’s column, “A Word from Cliff in England”.  It was back in 2016, Volume 15, Number 2 of our Ex Libris Chronicle when we presented Cliff’s story about Luigi Casalino’s beautiful etchings.
Luigi Casalino was born in 1941 in Novara, Italy where he lives and works today.  Professionally he was an editorial illustrator and since 1995 he has dedicated himself to the development of etching techniques.  He has received international awards for his ex libris prints. His bookplates are held in public and private collections around the world including the ASBC&Ds collection.  For this contest he offers us “After Babel”.  

Luigi Casalino, Via Delleani 15,  28100 Novara,  Italia

Casalino, Luigi  <>

Chinellato, Sandro – Italy – Finalist

Sandro Chinellato, Italy  (b. 1948)

Sandro Chinellato lives and works in Conegliano, Italy.  He started engraving in 1981.  Since then he has participated in numerous international graphics exhibitions — both solo and group presentations.  His works regularly appear in art magazines and catalogs.

Sandro Chinellato was born in 1948 in Mogliano Veneto.  He devoted himself at a very young age to painting.  In 1981, after learning the basics of calcography and experimenting with the various techniques, he began engraving.  He was a founding member of the Association of Engravers in 1984. “Old Theatre, Perinciso” in Conegliano. In 2012 he took the chalcographic printing courses at the State Institute of Art “Bruno Munari ” in Vittorio Veneto.  He has participated in numerous national and international graphics exhibitions and has set up solo exhibitions of engraving and painting.  Today he is a Lecturer in Engraving Techniques. In his works he follows the precise rules established in international conventions that protect the originality of engraving. His activity has been published in important specialized art magazines and catalogs. It is present in the Repertoire of the Italian Engravers of Bagnacavallo (Ravenna) and in the Collection of Prints, Adalberto Sartori of Mantova.  His works are in Museums in Italy and Abroad: Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, USA, etc.

Sandro holds membership with the Artists’ Association of Treviso and the National Association of Italian Engravers.

He submits two handsome copperplate engravings:       1)  IL LIBRO DEI LIBRI – The Book of Books (A Preface to the Hebrew Bible) C3+C5 142 x 135 2020 I-II-III-IV/X 

2) LE ANTIGONI (Antigones) C3+C5 140 x 135 2020 I-II-III-IV/X

Via A. Vital 117, 31015, Conegliano, (Treviso) ITALY

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Dotta, Fabio – Italy

Prof. Fabio Dotta  (b. 1969)

Fabio Dotta was born in Conegliano on July 4th, 1969. He lives in Trieste where he teaches “Technology and Design”.

He graduated with a degree in architecture at the IUAV in Venice where he has been academic assistant.  In 1992 he illustrated Urban Environment in Berlinin Venice.  In 1993 he held his first solo exhibit, named “The reality of the imaginary”, in Oderzo.  He has won first prizes and awards for painting (in the 1990s) and for graphics, in the last few years. He has participated in six solo exhibitions and 270 group exhibitions and produced seven video documentaries. Over two hundred paintings and two catalogs can be downloaded from  From 2009 to September 2020 he has engraved 94 copper plates. His works are published in 100 catalogs and books in Europe and Abroad – Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Romanian, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, USA, and China.

Via Strada di Fiume 131, 34137 Trieste, Italy

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Martignoni, Silvana – Italy

Silvana Martignoni  – Busto Arsizio, Italy

Silvana Martignoni was born in Busto Arsizio. She attended the Art High School and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan), in 1980, with her final thesis on the “visionary” poet and engraver William Blake. Later she specialized in engraving techniques in Urbino.

In the early years of her artistic activity she focused on the purest engraving techniques (drypoint, mezzotint, etching). She immediately undertook research on plant form, expressed with contemporary attention.

Her prints represent transfigured icons, the result of experiences in nature observed and of abstraction that are mixed in the persistence of memory.

She has a passion for mezzotint, an ancient technique that lends itself to her design, subtle, strong and decisive , enriched in tonal values close to painting.

Later her language approaches painting, the artist embarks on a search based on color and brightness in the splendor of the natural world. She paints stories in pearl colours with a technique of thin glazes which contribute to the realization of an intense dreamy effect.Recently Silvana Martignoni comes into contact with the world of the “ex libris”, which she appreciates for its historical, literary, and poetic content.
“George Steiner, face and works”, 2020, C3, C7, 119 x 94 mm
Via XX Settembre 14, 21052 Busto Arsizio, Italy

Martignoni, Silvana  <>

Miranda, Marcela – Italy

Marcela Miranda  (b. 1956)  
Marcela Miranda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today she is a professor of Fine Arts.  She graduated from National Fine Arts School “Prilidiano Pueyrredon” in 1980.  As a Professor of Arts in the Visual Arts, she graduated from the National University of Arts in 2001.  She has done Postgraduate Seminars in “New Technological Techniques in Lithographie” and in “Monotypes” in the National University of Arts, (2002-2003). 
She has worked as professor of Fine Arts at different levels of education in art schools since 1985. 
She has been a juror in some contests and was president of the Argentine Artists Society XYLON Argentina from 2006-2013. 
Some of her works are in museums and private collections of Italy, Panama, Cuba, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Poland, Denmark, Brasil, Belarus, France, USA, and Germany.
She has participated in more than three hundred national and international art exhibitions since 1982, receiving several mentions and awards, among them.
Via della Republica 41, 60033, Chiaravalle, (AN) Italia

Miranda, Marcela  <>

Mosele, Ivo – Italy – Finalist

 Ivo Mosele, (b. 1950)

Ivo Mosele was born in Roana (Vicenza), Italy in 1950.  He is a professor of graphic and pictorial techniques in Carre (Vicenza), Italy.  As a painter and engraver, he regularly participates in national and international exhibitions.  He is a member of the Italian Ex Libris Association (A.I.E.). 

The mezzotint is one of his favorite forms of expression.  

One image for George Steiner is entitled, “Wounds” – 100 x 75 mm

The other image is entitled “Triangles” – 98 x 51 mm

 Via Ciarelle A/B, Carre, 36010, (VI) ITALY 

Mosele, Ivo <>

Stragliati, Michele – Italy

Michele Stragliati  (b. 1953)
Michele Stragliati, born in Luino,  Today he lives and works in Piacenza where he trained artistically at the “Gazzola” Art Institute which he attended from 1972 to 1976 with Professors Vittore Callegari, Paolo Perotti, Carlo Scrocchi, and Luciana Donà.
Fascinated by engraving, he began to produce prints independently with an artisan press he built.  His first public debut and solo exhibition dates back to 1978.
In the following years he perfected himself in engraving techniques, experimenting with etching, aquatint, soft wax, black manner, etc. Very often at the exhibitions and events in which he participates he likes to combine printing demonstrations, to promote intaglio.
Both as a painter and engraver he has participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions, winning awards and acclaim. Several of his works are part of public and private collections including the Civic Collection of Achille Bertarelli prints in Milan, the Cabinet of Ancient and Modern Prints in Bagnacavallo and the Engraving Museum in the Castle of the Speleologists in Acqui Terme.
Member of the A.L.I. (Association of Free Engravers) of Bologna and of the A.I.E. (Italian Association Ex Libris), he is represented in the 6th edition of the Repertory of Italian Engravers.  As well, in the Yearbook of Italian Engravers published by Grafica d’Arte.

“A Bridge of Wisdom”,  90 x 130mm. C7, Mezzotint, 2019

Via Anton Domenico Rossi 34/a, Piacenza, 29122, Italy 

Stragliati, Michele  <>

Tuccelli, Maria Maddalena – Italy – Finalist

Maria Maddalena Tuccelli (b. 1951) 

Maria Maddalena Tuccelli is a graphic artist living and working in Formello, Italy.  Her art studies include printmaking and engraving.  In 1973, she worked for the Philatelic and Graphic Arts Centre where she was given the opportunity to create stamp sketches for the Italian Mail Service. Maria’s approach to ex libris comes from this work as a professional philatelic sketch artist.  She has designed over 100 postage stamps for 3 countries.

Tuccelli’s bookplate designs are well known throughout our ex libris community.  She participates regularly in international bookplate exhibitions.

In creating my copperplate engraved ex libris for the Tribute to George Steiner, I was inspired by his book, “The Idea of Europe: An Essay”.  For George Steiner, Europe is a place of remembrance, where the legacy of Athens and that of Jerusalem coexist.  Within my design you will see the detail from the “School of Athens” (1509-1511).  This is from a fresco by Raphael, the Italian Renaissance artist.  Then you will see the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall from the Old City of  Jerusalem represented, wrapped with the stars of the European flag, and the face of George Steiner in the foreground.

Tuccelli, Maria Maddalena <>


Suehiro, Yoshinari – Japan – Finalist

Yoshinari Suehiro (Mr.) 
(1) George Steiner’s visit at Keio University, 100 x 70mm, S2; (2) George Steiner’s lecture at Keio University, 100 x 70mm, S2
1-3-2-701 Shimizuguchi, Shiroi, Chiba, 270-1435, Japan

Suehiro, Yoshinari*   <>