Benhamou, Marcelle – France – Finalist

Marcelle Benhamou (b. 1957)
“Memorization ensures the safeguard of the core of individuality. What is engraved in the memory – and therefore capable of being remembered – guarantees the stability of the ego. The exorbitant pressures of politics, the detergent produced by social compliance, cannot make it go away. In solitude, public or private, the poem remembered, the musical score played within oneself, are the guardians that allow us to remember what resists, what must remain unspoiled in our psyche.”  George Steiner, Réelles Présences (Real Presences), 1991. 
I have created this print in the memory of George Steiner.  In the book Reelles Presences he talks about the importance of memory in the process of individuality.  In this world we are consumed by Facebook, Twitter, etc.   It is more important now to save and build our own individuality – this was my inspiration. 
“Reve d’individualite” (Dream of Individuality), CGD, (Computer Generated Design), 12 x 21 cm, Created in 2020 
It is a pleasure for me to participate in this competition.  You can see my work on my website.  My catalogues are published by my partnership with Gallery Jean-Louis Mandon in Lyon, France.

Address:  Marcelle Benhamou, 46 rue Barrier, 69006 Lyon, France

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Drouot, Sophie – France – Finalist

Sophie-Hélène Drouot  (b. 1968)
At one time, I spent summer days reading Georges Steiner in my garden.  I now remember several moments of intellectual dazzle given by these readings.  One of these moments of delight came from the 5th chapter of After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation (1975), where Georges Steiner analyses a poem written by Louise Labé and translated by Rilke.  In my memory, this text gave a striking definition of love as a hot cake coming out of the oven.  I naturally wanted to refer to this passage in an ex libris design.  The theme of fire in the stove went well with the black of the mezzotint and the dry-point charcoal letters.  But the image of the hot cake evoked what Georges Steiner did with the books he had read.  Indeed, the French expression “Faire son miel de quelque chose” (to turn something to one’s advantage).  
I thought of Georges Steiner’s writings like very good honey (or very hot and tasty pancakes) he would have made from the books he read, the books in his library, i.e. the books in which these ex libris prints should be affixed.  It’s why I imagined an image of cake with the following text: After Babel, the image of a hot cake coming out of the oven passes from Louise Labé to Rilke, and then, to us.  But one could get past this image in the Georges Steiner’s library books to remember how he knew to transform each of them into his own food.  
The ex libris could also celebrate the George Steiner’s power of thinking through the books he has read.  In addition, the ex libris could evoke how we can keep Georges Steiner alive by making our own honey (or cake) of his writings.  But when I reread Language and Silence (1967) to prepare for this tribute, searching for images of Shakespearean characters, I found something else in Shakespeare’s fourth centenary: the image of nature – storm, stars, heather – making a procession to human kind.  This image became the object of another ex libris. So, always keeping Georges Steiner in mind, we go back to nature, that of the garden or the snow that we see falling at the kitchen window.

Sophie-Hélène Drouot was born in Reims, Champagne, France1986 to 2019: Study of Philosophy at Reims and Strasbourg
1992 to 2019: Philosophy, Teaching
2014: Beginning of printmaking in studio Aqua forte, Reims
2015 : Collective exhibition Aqua forte fait son marché, pour la Fête de l’estampe 2015.  Organized by Manifestampe — National Federation of Printmaking in France
2015 – 2018: Study of scientific and naturalistic drawing in Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris2019: Beginning of a second career as artist, printmaker, and illustrator2019 – 2021: Several group and solo exhibitions of selected small graphics and ex libris prints.

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Mottier, Sonia – France – Finalist

Sonia Mottier (b. 1969) Sonia Mottier was born in France. Today she lives and works in Nantes (France), as artist, author, and printmaker. 
For several years her artistic works were inspired by the theme of the creation of the Universe, studied in all its forms: through writings on spirituality, philosophy, mythology, and theology. Also scientific writings in anatomy, cosmology, metaphysics, and quantum physics. Through metaphors, she stages energies, historical events, symbolisms, in an abstract or figurative imagery, thus expressing the interactions between beings, souls and the Universe.  Mathematics, cosmology, geometric abstractions, and especially fractals form a large part of her visual expression. 
The mezzotint is her favorite printmaking technique and expression.  Since 2015 she has engraved on copper plates at her studio. Several months of development are necessary for every print edition, research of writings, but also sketches of fractals in computer science on various software before making an engraving.  The mezzotint process is one of the most difficult of the printmaking arts and requires patience and expertise.  She regularly prints at the prestigious Nantes Printing Museum on a magnificent “old lady”, a Ledeuil press. 
Sonia Mottier:  8 rue Marcel HATET, 44000 Nantes, France

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Alexopoulou, Gianna – Greece – 1st Prize

Gianna Alexopoulou  (b. Athens, Greece)
Gianna Alexopoulou lives and works as an architect in Athens. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Architecture) from IUAV University in Venice, Italy, In Italy she  also studied Photography and Scenography. 
She studied printmaking and typography at the Open Engraving School in Nicaea (in cooperation with the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece) and at the North Desekopoulos’ Studio.   She is member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. She taught Technology and Drawing in Secondary School (General Hight School).  She is Member of Ex Libris Society of Theogony (Member of FISAE). 
She participated in national and international group exhibitions, receiving awards for her selected works.  Gianna’s artworks are held in public and private collections.  Galleries, Museums in Greece, Japan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Mexico, Czech Republic, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Russia.  Her poetry has received awards at national and international Poetry Competitions.  These  works are published on the internet and in books.
Technique used: Woodcut  (X1)

Magnesias 79 B, Athens, Greece, GR-12242

Alexopoulou, Gianna  <>

Kolipetsa, Vasiliki – Greece

Vasiliki Kolipetsa (Vicky Kolhip) ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ Θ. ΚΟΛΙΠΕΤΣΑ

“Knowledge is not learning from the start, but a never ending journey in recall” (Plato).  To me, Plato wanted to remind us that knowledge lies within us, in our body cells, in the very energy that seems to run our body cells and we know as the “soul”.

This memory is also scientifically proven nowadays whereas some scientists are still striving to prove scientifically the existence of this energy running our body cells (flesh) and its capability to remember.

Plato also spoke of the universal tank of ideas in which each and every one of us is connected.  This could be what psychology calls “collective unconcious”.  

It is also proven scientifically that all life forms begin from an egg or an egg like form.  In this way an idea can be illustrated as a seed existing already in ourselves, waiting for it’s time to grow and flourish.  I think that even our own existence could easily be illustrated as an idea in our creator’s mind.

Vasiliki Kolipetsa was born in Athens, Greece.  She graduated from the School of Preservation of Art Works and Archaeological Findings (with honors) 1998.  Graduated from the University of the Fine Arts of Athens Greece in Painting (with honors) in 2002 and from the same University (with honors) in 2012.  

Presently employed at the Greek Ministry of Culture (sector of Aesthetical Restoration).

Two Integrated MFAs: One in Engraving and one in Painting.  

Participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and other countries such as the International Print Biennale in Guanlan, China in 2013, 2015, 2017

Global Print 2013-2015 and 8th Biennale 2016 in Portugal

She participated in the engraving biennale “Splitgraphic” in Split City (Croatia) and in Shanghai City (China) after being selected for the exhibition by the Pan-Hellenic Artist’s Society. 

Participated in a curving workshop in Istanbul, Turkey 2014, in view of the preservation of the good Greek-Turkish neighboring relations and in cooperation with well-known Turkish Architects in Mimar Sinan University.

Kyoto International Woodprint Association (KIWA) Group Exhibition in Japan 2016; Kunstretret exhibition in Germany 2018. 

Awarded with the second price (2nd) in the curving competition of the Municipality of Athens “City Link” in 2013.

17th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms, Lodz, Poland (2020). 

Win win Cooperation, Document Collection of “The Belt and Road” International Printmaking Exchange (2020).

40th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaqués at Taller Galeria Fort in Cadaqués in Spain (2020). 

Her work is permanently exhibited on her web site ( and in the book “Contemporary Masters, 2009” (Published by the OMMA Center of  Contemporary Art ( 

Errikou Sliman 16, Ilioupoli, T.K. 163 44, N. Attikis, Greece

Kolipetsa, Vasiliki  <>


Bani, Rakesh – India

Rakesh Bani  (b. 1975)
Rakesh earned his BFA, MFA (1998-2000), & Ph.D. (2013) in Graphic Design (Printmaking) from Indira Kala Sangeet University, Khairagarh (C. G. ), India.  Further studies at the Art Studio Itsukaichi, Akiruno City Hall, Itsukaichi, Tokyo, Japan.  He has over 12-pages of bookplate exhibitions, awards, & workshops.  He’s a well known bookplate artist in our network.  
Rakesh’s works can be seen in many public and private collections in India and Abroad. 
“KALAKUNJ”, House No B-65, Lotus Green City, Sector 9, Kurukshetra, 136118, Haryana, India

Bani, Rakesh  <>