Kerin, Hristo – Bulgaria

The Ex Libris Prints of Hristo Kerin (b. 1966)

James P. Keenan

“When I entered the beautiful world of ex libris I met many important artists, collectors and connoisseurs.  I soon realized that ex libris design was a part of contemporary graphic art, with lots of peculiar requirements and challenges for the artists.  The art of the bookplate is popular all over the world and a lovely way to exchange creative artistic ideas.”  H.K.

Hristo Kerin is a Bulgarian artist who began working in the graphic arts in 1995.  Born in Pazardjik, Bulgaria, he received his MFA in 1992 from the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St.st.Ciril and Methodius”, Bulgaria.  He is presently on the Fine Arts faculty teaching printmaking at the University of Veliko Tarnovo.

As a printmaker his work includes miniature prints, ex libris, and illustrations.  He has been an active participant in scores of international graphic exhibitions since 1996 including Spain, Mexico, Poland, and the United States.  He has enjoyed many solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.

Luc van den Briele, editor of the Belgian journal Boekmerk wrote:  Hristo Kerin’s prints possess both intriguing content and professionalism.  His ex libris undoubtedly evoke in the careful observer a longing to see more of the work of this artist.  Since 2000, he has created more than 250 ex libris prints.

Kerin works with the many subjects that collectors provide him with.  He has special interests in mythology, literature, history, fairy tales, nude, and erotic themes.  It does not come as a surprise that his ex libris prints are popular among serious collectors.  Technical superiority and thoughtful, innovative compositions are part of his approach to designing a bookplate.

Kerin, Hristo: <hkerin@yahoo.com

Pavlova, Galina – Bulgaria – Finalist

Galina Pavlova – Bulgaria  (b. 1962)   

Galina Pavlova received her MFA in Illustration and Book Design from the Sofia Fine Arts Academy.  She has worked in this field for over 25 years with special interests in printmaking including ex libris art, book design, cartoons, poster design, along with conventional drawing with pencils and pen & ink.  To date, she has been featured in 22 solo exhibitions and won 30 International awards for her talents.

In addition to traditional printmaking techniques Galina recently started working with computer generated design (CGD) techniques.  She says:  “The computer programs that I use are an additional tool for expression and unexpected beauty can arise.   Now limitless “layers” of experiments and creations are possible. “

Her preferable topics include:  Human nature, dance & music, and history.  Also subjects such as books, wine, mythology, sports, celebration, cinema, etc.

She becomes totally absorbed by every design project she undertakes.  In her own words:  “I can’t expect my work to mean anything to anybody else if it doesn’t mean something to me.”

Inspired by George Steiner’s quote:  “Every language is a world.  Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.”  Galina then created her “Memento Mori I-III”.

Pavlova, Galina  <galina.pavlova@abv.bg>


Chapman, Deborah – Canada – Finalist

Deborah Lulu Chapman (b. Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Deborah Chapman was born in Argentina and has been living in Canada since 1984. She has conducted workshops worldwide and won countless awards internationally for her work with mezzotints.  We offer examples from her very first ex libris prints. 

My artistic development is the opposite of the narrative description, it is intended to be metaphorical and symbolic; my whole journey revolves around the transposition of realistic elements towards more conceptual and sensitive symbolic arrangements.

My participation in the creation of an Ex Libris for the Tribute to George Steiner gave me great joy, to discover his deeply human work, open to universal knowledge at the center of the immense circle of science and art.

Chapman, Deborah*  <dluluchapman@hotmail.com>


Dapeng, Jin – China

Jin Dapeng  (b. 1955)  BFA from China Academy of Art, Shanghai, China ➢

Position: Secretary General of China Academy of Art Alumni Association ➢

Awards: Award of Creativity in USA International Print Advertising Award of the New York Festivals  ➢

Jin was introduced on the program of “Famous People” on CCTV ➢

Jin was introduced in the book  “China 50 Art Directors” published by Oriental press ➢

The painting named “Food” was collected by Liu Hai Su Museum ➢ The painting named “Iraq” was collected by the United Nations ➢

“Saury” was selected in the 37th (2018 Czech) FISAE International Exlibris Competition 2018 ➢

“Picasso” was selected in the 9th Spain (2019 Catalonia) world IX Biennal Internacional d’Ex Libris Contratalla-2019. ➢

“Fish Every Year” and “Jiangnan Women” were selected in the 38th (London 2020) FISAE International Exlibris Competition 2020 ➢ 

Jin made a book of bookplate designs for famous people such as former German President Wolff.  His book was collected by Shanghai Library, Zhejiang Art Museum, Tong University, German Library, and other institutions. 
George Steiner was a great writer, and he also belongs all over the world.  In the design of the bookplate the sun is shining on his face.  The wind is blowing his hair, making him more vivid in front of us.  The effect of my design is like a gold medal to remain in our hearts forever.
Technique: Using offset plate, embossing, on Chinese paper

Room 302, No 62, Shi Jin Yi Cun, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Dapeng, Jin   <970055981@qq.com>